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Let's be blunt about underage marijuana misuse.

For many, marijuana misuse is a gray area - there is a need for more research. But one thing we do know is that it can damage the gray matter inside a young developing brain, reducing coordination and attention, impairing memory, thinking, problem-solving, learning, and more. Underage marijuana misuse can have lasting effects on the developing brain, especially among heavy and regular users. So, whether you're talking to your kid about the gray area of marijuana use, or the growing gray matter in their brain, let them know that gray matters.
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How do I talk to my kid about it?

Stay Calm

Remind your teen that you love and support them no matter what. You're both on the same team with the same goal: a healthy, happy brain.

Hear Them Out

Listen to their thoughts and feelings. Let them know that what they think matters. This should be a conversation, not a lecture.

Stick to the Science

Set the expectations for your teen using science. Science-based facts about brain development often work better than disputes about the morals or legalities of marijuana.

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Thank you for helping spread the message that gray matters. Your influence has the biggest impact on their brain development - creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making.